61 Apartments /Townhouses in Tamworth

V&D Interiors are excited to announce we have secured the partition and ceiling package to form 50 apartments and 11 town houses at Tolson Mill in Tamworth.

The scheme will consist of a refurbishment of an existing 5 storey textile factory which dates back to the 19th century and construction of new town houses on the grounds.

We will be dividing the existing Mill into 50 apartments using acoustic party wall partitions and using internal walls to form bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. All rooms will be finished with plasterboard ceilings.

The townhouses will be a new build construction using traditional blockwork party walls which will be lined with dot and dab plasterboard and metal stud partitions will be used to form internal walls.

We look forward to working again in collabration with the manufacturers Knauf and Cellecta.

61 Apartments /Townhouses in Tamworth